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Scissor Sharpening and Salon Shears by Perfect Edge!
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Salon Scissors
Osaka Scissors
Osaka Titanium Swivel Thumb - Revolving Thumb (swivel thumb) ring for a more...
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Salon Combs
YS Park Big Hearted Quick Cutting Combs - Round tooth cutting comb....
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Salon Hair Clips

New York, Beverly Hills & London calls these the "Best Clips...
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Welcome to Perfect Edge

Perfect Edge now offers some of the leading manufacturers of professional scissor/hairstyling shears. Perfect Edge carries a wide variety of shears including Jonetsu, Yasaka and Matsuzaki. These scissors are suited for all different cutting techniques. They can make hair styling more enjoyable for your clients through design, flexibility and accuracy. Our lines of scissors are perfect for the professional cosmetologist, home cutter or student looking for reasonably priced salon scissors and salon shears.

If you are in need of SCISSOR SHARPENING, then look no further. Perfect Edge provides the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art sharpening services available. We offer a safe, secure and convenient way to shop for your scissors and hairdressing accessories.

We provide FREE SHIPPING on the purchase of all new scissors, shears and SCISSOR SHARPENING SERVICES*!!

Try our RISK FREE NO- HASSLES 30 day Merchandise guarantee…good on all new purchases.

We offer a One Year ” Edge Performance Guarantee” on new scissors and a “Scissor Sharpening Guarantee” that is often imitated but never copied!!

*$15.00 minimum order required

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